ITBully Podcast #3

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George Chatzimanolis and Lefteris Karafilis are discussing technology news in the weekly ITBully Podcast. In this episode:
  • Hitachi Ultrastar SSD for Enterprise
  • SAS / SCSI and SATA interface
  • Facebook Messaging
  • Facebook gives App developers the ability to create test accounts
  • Facebook accounts for 25% of all US Pageviews
  • Fuse Labs Montage
  • Cisco Cius
  • Windows Azure business day Event - 24.11.2010
  • TEDxAthens Event - 26.11.2010
  • ITProDevConnections Event - 27-28.11.2010

Main Podcast Topic

  • ASP.NET MVC What it is and differences from ASP.NET Webforms


Sunday, 21 November, 2010 - 22:32
36:36 ( 16.8 MB )
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